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Popular in the United States and China, Educating Young Giants carries readers into Chinese and American elementary and high school classrooms and highlights the big differences between schools in the two countries. Drawing from many experiences in schools in both countries and conversations with students, teachers, and parents, it shows how China and America need to extract themselves from outmoded practices. Parents, educators, and policymakers can implement practical solutions by drawing the best from both systems.

Praise for Educating Young Giants

“This is a lively, informative book that covers a wide range of pressing educational questions by a wise educator with extensive experience studying teaching and learning in both China and the United States. It is loaded with vivid descriptions based on firsthand experience of dramatic differences in how Chinese and American parents and teachers approach the task of educating contemporary children.” —Joseph Tobin, The Hall Professor of Education, University of Georgia, and author of Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited
"This book is exceptionally timely and badly needed! Educating Young Giants will prove required reading for anyone with an interest in parenting, education, and the intertwined fates of America and China." — Eric Maisel, author of Coaching the Artist Within and Rethinking Depression